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John B. Wilson


John B. Wilson is a serial change agent based in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, who has established himself as a leader with a high-value track record spanning multiple industries and countries. He has over 40 years of experience in his field and possesses a strong background in Engineering and Business. Throughout his immensely successful career, John has accomplished a wide variety of successes. He has held positions such as COO, President, CEO and CFO of many Fortune 200 companies and has proven to be masterful in the art of turnaround.

“Hyannis Port Capital invests in privately-held companies, looking to leverage our business expertise and our capital to increase  stakeholder value through revenue growth and margin expansion.”

John B Wilson

John B. Wilson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After graduating, he immediately enrolled in Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. John began his career as an engineer where he developed new products and processes for Exxon Chemical and Exxon Research and Engineering. After several years he accepted a position with General Motors and quickly advanced through six different managerial and analyst roles culminating in his promotion to Senior Manager. John possessed the knowledge, skills, and determination to succeed in his field which led to his next position as Vice President and Partner at Bain & Company. John was one of the youngest partners in the history of the company and represented over $20 million in annual revenues across client industries. In 1990 Mr. Wilson became the Senior Vice President for Northwest Airlines, where he assisted the company by cutting costs by 20%, which averted bankruptcy.

Over the next few years, John B. Wilson exerted his mastery of turnaround and business development as CFO and EVP of Finance and Strategy at Staples, Inc. During this time he was named one of the Top 50 CFOs in the U.S. and completed nine acquisitions, tripled store
growth, regained industry leadership, and grew total sales from $450 million to over $4 billion in just over three years. John decided to leave Staples to help increase sales at Gap, Inc and Hyannis Port Capital, Inc. However, in 2012 he returned to Staples as President and Head of Global Transformation of Staples International. His most notable achievements include developing a five-year turnaround plan, the implementation of a new operating model, which improved costs, the replacement/upgrade of 80% of the managing director leaders, cut the total costs by 20%, created a new online platform for all markets, stabilized the European market and  returned the market to profitability. Through his leadership and vision, Staples International was the only company on the global market to beat both budget and previous year profits.

John B. Wilson is a remarkably accomplished businessman who has earned his place in the industry as a leader and an example of success. He is currently the Senior Advisor of RTS Practice at Mckinsey and Company. Previously, John was a board member of the Autism Speaks, which is the world’s leading Autism science and advocacy organization. Outside of his professional responsibilities John enjoys SCUBA diving and other ocean sports, drawing, ballroom dancing, skiing, and is a licensed pilot.

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